Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Hi! Just talked to Terry, and Tank is doing great! "He's so much better!" said Terry. His physical therapist said Tank is making a lot of progress, and can probably go home in a couple of weeks. Tank is now able to get from his bed to his wheelchair unassisted! He's much stronger, according to Terry.

Terry is delighted with the home improvements in the bathroom, and is eager to get the front-door threshold wheelchair-friendly.

On Christmas, she took him for a ride, which they both really enjoyed. On Sunday, a group of friends met at Bayside (with food), and all of them ate together. Lots of friends have been dropping by. That has been very good for Tank, said Terry.

He had the one chemo session (about a week ago), and that took all day. Since then, the chemo is in pill form.

Both Tank and Terry are looking forward to a visit from Peggy and Mike in mid-January, a visit from Catherine in late January, and a possible visit from Kelly and Susan in early February.

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