Monday, December 20, 2010


Hi there!

Tank is having a pretty good day. Early, Terry and Tank left Bayside on Runabout and went to the hospital for an MRI. We dont have the results (Im going to ignore apostrophes, because theyre hard to get to on this computer). I think it made him tired.

Sally and I went to San Luis Obispo to shop at Trader Joes. Mostly for Tank, of course. :) Lots of two-dollar wine and note cards and Xmas treats. Terry called and said that Tank wanted pizza, so we picked that up in Morro Bay, and also new Scratchers. We're staying even on the gambling, because he tends to win enough to buy new scratchers. At Bayside, he seemed happy to see us, and all of us enjoyed the tasty pizza. Sally and I didnt stay long, because Terry and Stephanie were there (Stephanie is such a sweetheart), and it seemed crowded. Sally and I got more scratchers and hung out at the motel for a while.

Less rain today.

Hey, something important, I think. Terry said today that the doctor said that--according to the CT scan of a few days ago--the tumors on the brain have shrunk considerably. That strikes me as good news. :) But Terry didnt seem SURE that it was good news, and didnt have much information, so Im not feeling TOO excited, but I cant see that it could be BAD news.

Sally and I bought scratchers and milk and grabbed some gingersnaps from Trader Joes and returned to Bayside. We didnt stay long, because Tank seemed tired. He talked about his illness, and tomorrows trip, and Terry and the MRI this morning. He seemed tired, but happy, and clear. Quite clear.

We'll go back later with a salami sandwich from Bottle Liquor, and more scratchers, and orange soda. I suggested diet orange, and he said no thank you. We'll get a small container. When I go to the liquor store, I buy scratchers and these adorable single-serving bottles of booze for Dan, and I resist the need to explain to the young man behind the counter that I'm actually MUCH more wholesome than might be suggested by my purchase.

Be right back. :)

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