Sunday, December 19, 2010


Tank is great! It has been a great day, with several delightful visits. He was lucid and engaged all day long. I'm writing from Burger King on Sally's mini-laptop. We took lottery Scratchers to Tank (which he loves), and bought him new sweat pants and T-shirts at Kohl's, and Terry took him a McRib, and then she took Sally and me to the Bayview Restaurant for fish and chips. TONS of rain! Huge pond in the parking lot at Motel 6. This is the best day so far for Tank. Three visits, and each one better than the next. He ALWAYS thinks of others. :) He's not a huge fan of the Catholic Church, and yet he still wants to please Father Dino, so he asked Sally and me to buy Dino some little boxes of Corn Flakes, because Dino had been jonesing for them. We did, and he was delighted. The single-serving boxes.

Tank hasn't been having radiation for 4 or 5 days. Not sure why.

Posting now. Will come back.

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