Saturday, December 25, 2010


Merry Christmas! :)

I just talked to Terry. Tank's doing great!

He had chemo on Wednesday, and tolerated it well. She's giving him pills now that she thinks are related to the chemo therapy.

Yesterday, she picked him up at Bayside and took him to Dockside Two, a seafood restaurant right on the dock at Morro Bay. Right where the fishermen come in. Sally and I ate there, and it's tasty. Tank stayed in the car, and Terry went in and got food. She drove him over to Morro Rock, where they ate. Wonderful news, huh. I mean, Tank doing what Tank likes to do. A modified version, but, still, I'm sure he loved it, and felt grateful, and free. She said they took their time, and enjoyed themselves. She said she feels very comfortable doing that (taking him places in the car), even when she's alone with him. At Bayside, someone helps Tank in and out of the car. So...sounds like a fun adventure.

Last night, Terry went to a dinner party at Stephanie's house, and Stephanie sent Terry home with two huge plates of food. Today, Terry will take the food to Bayside, and heat it there, and enjoy the delicious meal with Tank. Then, she'll take him for a ride in the car. :)

The physical therapist said that Tank had a GREAT week! :) Terry credits Sally and me for much of that, which is very kind of her. The physical therapist said Tank is doing VERY well, and making significant progress.

Terry also mentioned that when she's out with Tank, and then takes him back to Bayside, it's not a sad moment. She trusts the Bayside staff to take good care of Tank, and he seems happy to be there. He's tired after an outing, and seems eager to get in bed and relax. So, there aren't sad and regretful feelings. I was glad to hear that. "I never worry about him when I leave him there," said Terry.

She also said that she anticipates bringing him home within three weeks. Yay! I don't know what the timetable is based on, but, still...good news.

She was cheerful and optimistic and relaxed. She asked about our trip home. She said that Tank REALLY enjoyed the visit, and that it was good for him in many ways.

Sally and I enjoyed a leisurely drive home. In Tehachapi, CA, we were going to stop for lunch, but--in front of the restaurant--I nearly hit a small dog. We screeched to a stop. The dog followed us to the parking lot. While I went door-to-door trying to find the owner, Sally (a prepared traveler) plied the lanky chihuahua with a can of chicken breast and a piece of string cheese. We never made direct contact with the owner, but I found a nearby house with a yard that looked as if it were meant to corral a very small dog (chicken wire from bottom-of-fence to grass, a small bowl of water). A teenage neighbor confirmed that the dog lived there, so we left a note, put the dog in the yard, and prepared to leave. Suddenly, the chihuahua reappeared with a wienie-dog in the unfenced front-yard of the house next door, both yapping at us happily and confidently. I began to feel a bit like a Marx Brother, so we revised the note and hit the road. I left my name and number, offering to come back for the dog(s) if necessary. I haven't heard from them. One can't save all the dogs in all the towns, and I'm pretty sure this dog didn't need saving...just a better fence.

We were slowed down once again when we stopped at Historic Cove Fort. :) 'Cause, apparently, you can take the girls out of the Mormon Church, but you can't...etc. I'd been there before, but Sally had not. A nice senior missionary showed us around. We were enchanted. He gave us a hand-made toy as we were leaving. He offered a Book of Mormon, but we declined politely. We winced when he spoke of "fixing the Indian problem," but, overall, the tour offered a glimpse into a pioneer way of life that has always interested me and Sally. I can hardly wait to make a pin-cushion out of my hair. :) Peggy's birthday is coming up! :)

I'll call Terry every two days or more, and get information, and post it here. If anyone else gets information that they'd like to share, please include it in a comment, or call me at 801 502 4372 or email me at, and I'll include it in the blog. Thanks!

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