Thursday, December 2, 2010



Tank is now at the transitional facility. I asked his wife how she managed that, and she said she begged. I praised her. Begging is underrated.

So, today he was moved there. It's a mile or two from their house. She said he wasn't thrilled, but he was accepting. He's safer there. After another 2.5 weeks of radiation, they'll reevaluate.

She sounded much better.

She'll go there daily and hang out with him, and take him lunch. She said it's a nice place, and clean, and friendly, with places to gather.

He has a roommate: a retired Catholic priest from their neighborhood. In fact, my siblings will probably recall that--at the hospital--we met a retired nun who had (until recently) been caring for a retired Catholic priest. This is that guy!

Tank continues to sleep a LOT.

His wife asked me to put their home address here, so people can send cards or letters, which she will take to the transitional facility. It is:
351 Yerba Buena
Morro Bay CA 93442

Love to all. :)

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