Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hi from Morro Bay!

At the library again.

Tank is unchanged for the most part. He had a CT scan a few days ago, and--as a result--he's going to Stanford on Tuesday for further diagnosing, and to plan treatment. The appointment is at 1 pm, and they don't know if they'll spend the night or not. Terry is busy arranging to have all his medical records available to take with them. Terry's son Curtis is flying in from Georgia on Monday evening with his wife Kathleen, and (I think) the four of them will drive to San Francisco. That's the plan, as of right now.

Tank wanted to provide cake for the staff and residents at Bayside, as is his way. :) So Sally and I went to Carlock's Bakery in Los Osos (so good...) and ordered two HUGE sheet cakes per Tank's instructions. We picked them up today and delivered them to Bayside. Each feeds 92, and we took utensils also. The cakes are darling, and everyone was delighted. Tank requested a Christmas theme, and the bakery did a great job, with snow and Santas and reindeer and skiiers and poinsettias and actual pieces of curling ribbon. It was kind of fun, really. It made Tank very happy (we took the cakes to his room to see them before we delivered them to the nurses' station). One was chocolate with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting, and the other was white with lemon filling and buttercream frosting, fyi. :)

Sally and I got up early and drove an hour to Paso Robles because they have a Wendy's there. It is VERY rainy here (just pouring down), and foggy across the highlands of 46 West. Fun, though. Kelly was VERY helpful at suggesting how to get a chicken sandwich back to Bayside while maintaining edibility, so we were equipped with a fistful of baggies and a cooler, and we arrived at Bayside by lunchtime with a terrific sandwich and a couple of containers of chili, and he was delighted. Ate one serving of chili, and then the delicious sandwich. Thanks, Kelly! :) It probably wasn't a necessary errand, but it made us feel like good daughters, and that's all that counts now. (I presume to speak for Sally.)

What else to report... Jim from Spencers' Market came to visit Tank today, and brought muffins (Tank gave us 3 out of 4, to eat at the motel later). Jim is wonderful, in every way. And yesterday, Kerrigan and his wife Melanie came to visit with their chihuahua puppy, which weighs about a pound. Frequently, there are visiting therapy dogs hanging out in the hallway, spreading cheer, wearing Xmas sweaters or scarves. Gotta love that. Kerrigan and Melanie are very dear, and I can tell they love Tank, and that he loves them. Perhaps it was overwhelming, 'cause Sally and I stuck around, and that's quite a crowd, so--starting then--Sally and I leave the room when other visitors arrive, so the visit can be more relaxing.

Father Dino is well. Sally and I took him a poinsettia and a Hershey bar, per his request. The chocolate, I mean.

Yesterday, we took Tank a custard pie from Carlock's Bakery, with the BEST intentions, but he probably overate, and his blood sugar was high, and I felt guilty and regretful, like I'd enabled, and we got some looks from the nurses and from Terry, so we're being MUCH more careful now. We know better, so we do better. :)

What else? (It's difficult rushing like this. I apologize for any typos, this time or last.)

Weather permitting, Sally and I will stay until Tank gets back from Stanford.

He really seems happy to have us here. He tells stories, and recalls childhood times. He talks about games he made for us when we were kids. He talks about Nola, sometimes. He talks about his childhood, and about the Chief.

Sometimes, it feels tragic, all of it, as you can imagine. Sometimes, though, it's okay. We'll just keep doing this.

Terry is a sweetheart. Her buddy Rochelle came by yesterday with a big basket of food, and a lovely presentation: soup, cookies, meatloaf, sweetened coffee drinks. We chatted with Terry and Rochelle, and later Sally and I returned for dinner, and ate the split-pea soup, which was delicious. Friends and neighbors are wonderful, and supportive, in all kinds of ways. They bring food and affection, and they run errands, and do favors. They lend a listening ear. They offer ANYTHING. When Tank was home, the men in the neighborhood matter-of-factly rescued a fallen Tank time after time. So many good people.

Well, Sally and I are going to try to figure out free wi-fi at Burger King, because the library closes on Sunday and Monday. My love and best wishes to time to reread...take care...Love, Polly.

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