Sunday, December 19, 2010

12/19/2010, Later

Tank said today that success depends on four things: curiosity, imagination, education, and drive. He said that he has two out of four. :)

I asked if he equated success with happiness, and he said no. :)

Tank hung Carter's Xmas door hanger on his bathroom door. It's a little foam Xmas bear. "Tank likes bears," said Carter.

Father Dino (who suffers from dementia) was in tip-top shape today, and feeling chatty. When we told him we were from Utah, he gazed at us thoughtfully and said, "Are you polygamists?" I said that I am not, but Sally is. :) Just kidding. :) I said no. We explained that all Utahns aren't polygamists, just like all Catholic preists aren't pedophiles. :) Just kidding (again). It was a fun conversation, and Tank was fully engaged, from his wheelchair. Dino's sister Louise was there, and the five of us talked about Catholicism and dont-ask-dont-tell and Frank Capra movies.

It was great seeing Tank in a wheelchair! Later, Terry took him for a walk.

Tank is actually looking forward to the ride to Stanford. Said the scenery is gorgeous, and he hasn't been out for a while. It's a good sign, really, that he isn't apathetic about such things.

Terry is VERY appreciative, and frequently thanks Sally and me for being here. He's very comfortable talking to us, and he seems to find our presence very stimulating. I'm awfully glad. :)

Tonight, we took him dinner, and he was thrilled with the modest food. We took soup that friend Carol made (French onion), fresh raspberries, my leftover fish from lunch, and Ritz crackers. Terry put it in a basket with a bright yellow napkin. She's a sweetheart.

Recently, he mentioned that two of his favorite songs are "Imagine" and "All You Need is Love." :)

Today was fun. Thanks to all of you! Terry has a huge stack of cards that she intends to read to Tank eventally. :) Please keep writing! I'll steal the pile of cards tomorrow while Terry curls up with an Ivan Doig novel. :) Polly.

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