Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hi all!

Sally and I are here in Morro Bay visiting Tank. So fun! We just spent about three hours with him at Bayside. He was in the mood for a McDonald's McRib sandwich, so we picked that up for him. He LOVED it! :) Tomorrow, he wants to try the new fries at Wendy's. I asked if there was a Wendy's nearby, and he said no, but when you love someone, you're willing to do things for them. Good point, really.

The place is GREAT. I might have given some people the impression that the facility is not up to par (by saying, "The facility is not up to par,") but I was wrong! There are staff members all over the place, and everyone I saw was energetic and friendly and respectful and efficient and competent. It's clean. It's decorated for Christmas. There are indoor and outdoor spaces for visiting. There are water features EVERYWHERE, and each is prettier than the last. There are lots of visitors, and everyone smiles and says hi, and we saw some friendly therapy dogs, and a group of of visiting men was playing classical music. Nice!

Tank's roommate, Dino, is the retired priest. Today is his birthday! Staff members sang, and brought him a small cake. Happy birthday, Dino! Sally and I will shop for a gift later. Perhaps I'll convert to Catholicism, to please him.

Tank talked a LOT. Seemed delighted to see us. He told us a cowboy story that made me feel like a little girl being told an aborigine story. :) He talked about the time we lived in Lindon (about 1960), and he worked at Farmers' Corner. He was enthusiastic and lucid (for the most part) and demonstrated a charming sense of humor. Sally and I had a blast. Sure...he's changed. But he's...Tank! And that felt SO good.

Doctors are trying to what to treat: the brain cancer, or what Terry refers to as neuropathy in his legs. Before he was hospitalized a few weeks ago, he was undergoing "infusion" treatments to help his legs. Apparently, they were "infusing" him with antibiotics. He can't have radiation and the antibiotic infusions at the same time, so they have to decide which course of treatment to take. The current plan is for Tank to go to Stanford University (in the San Francisco area) where doctors will make a determination. I don't know when that will happen. Terry said that she'll be driving him. I don't know who else will go (I don't have a sense if it will happen tomorrow or in a week or two). We'll see. We'll stay fluid.

He looks very good. I mean, I guess it depends on expectations, but he looks good to me. He's dressed, as opposed to wearing a hospital gown. Today, he was wearing a plaid cotton shirt and some sweat pants. He seemed to enjoy food, and talking. He makes jokes. He said that some nurses and attendants are better than others, but that most are good or very good. He's adjusting...I can tell. He doesn't love it, but he doesn't complain, and he's easygoing and philosophical.

We're going back this evening.

Sally is going to make some type of baked goods at Terry's house, with Splenda, and take them to Tank (and Dino).

Tank spoke lovingly of all the great-grandkids. Sally has a Christmas ornament that Carter made, to give Tank. And Tank recently received art projects from Elvis and Jack. I can tell it's a pleasure for him to watch his grandkids grow up, and to see this new generation.

Tank misses Robert Parker. We all do.

I'm typing this from the public library in Morro Bay. Fun, huh. Sally's next to me, probably looking at porn. :) Just kidding.

Everyone take care! I'll be back tomorrow, with additional information. We left Bayside because Tank was suddenly very tired. Oops...time expiring...

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  1. I love reading everything you write Polly, thanks so much for keeping us all informed! I'm so happy to hear he is doing better and better each day!

    Hopefully Tim and I can make it out there very soon for a visit :)