Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Happy Solstice! :) Not much to report, since Tank is on his way to Stanford, but since the library is open, I thought I'd mention some stuff from last night.

It was poignant, because Tank said, "Lately, I've been missing Nola terribly." Then he talked about graduating from boot camp, and what a terrific day it was. He described it in detail, and spoke of looking up into the stands and seeing Nola, in a square-necked polka-dot dress, heels, and a hat. :) She took his breath away. He became misty-eyed talking about it. After the ceremony, she approached him on the parade grounds. He said, "I felt like Clark Gable." :)

He revisited other highlights, also, which was fun.

He was tired when we arrived (about 5 p.m.), but he rallied. We always make sure that he feels well enough for a visit, but he always says yes, even if he was in a deep sleep when we arrived. (Terry told us to ALWAYS wake him, per his request.) We arrived with a huge salami sandwich from Bottle Liquor, but he'd eaten dinner already :( so we took it home and refrigerated it for later. He was happy, earlier, with the the very small helping of gingersnaps from Trader Joe's, and the whole-milk from the liquor store.

We've been being MUCH more careful since the custard pie debacle. Peggy called the other day and said in a stern, sarcastic tone, "Way to go, nearly killing Tank with custard pie." That day, his blood sugar level was in the 400s, but it's been in the 200s since, or better. We claim progress.

And thanks to Manuel (and friends) in San Pedro for the Christmas card and the Scratchers! Tank was delighted. We've been getting Scratchers every day, but with no new cash...just with profits! :) Frugal, huh.

He surprised me a bit last night by talking about how he'd like one of us kids to come live with him and Terry, once he gets home. He'd clearly been thinking about it, and which sleeping arrangement would work best. It was very sweet, and thoughtful. I think he's serious. We'll try to work something out.

Peggy and Mike are going to enjoy a nice long visit in mid-January. Yay!

Sally and I went to the Embarcadaro (sp?) this morning. It's overcast, but not raining! (One is tempted to say, "We need the moisture," but I'm not sure that's true here.) Scored a darling little poster thingy for Peggy with a picture of a zany woman in a red-flowered dress, and a message that reads something like, "...and one day I woke up and realized that I should have been dancing all along." Life changing, really. I bought a card that quotes Will Rogers and says something about not letting the past use up so much of the present. :) Also, I bought a metal-and-bead mobile (sp?) with a world-peace theme. In case anyone was wondering about the minutia (sp?) of my day.

Now, we're going to do some laundry at Terry's, and pick up the pile of greeting cards and letters. We ran that past Tank last night, and he wants us to bring them ALL, and read them aloud, so we'll do that tomorrow. He loves and misses all of you...I'm SURE of it. Then, we'll go to Trader Joe's. So, if anyone needs anything at Trader Joe's, call me within the next hour.

Oh, we also went to a place on the Embarcadaro that sells taffy (you're welcome, Peggy). I was mildly surprised that we were able to take advantage of the buy-three-pounds-get-one-pound-free offer. Also, the woman working there told us that the taffy is made in SLC! :) We offered to be her mules. :) I think that's a term that refers to the illicit transportation of drugs. I mention that because Peggy might have assumed I was talking about shoes. :)

I hope that Tank is home tonight, rather than in the morning. I assume Curtis and Kathleen arrived safely, and that they're on their way to Stanford. I'll be in touch the minute I know more about his condition.

I hope everyone enjoys the day, despite the paucity of daylight hours in the Northern Hemisphere. (Shame on me for assuming that we have no readers in the Southern Hemisphere. If we do, enjoy the plethora of daylight hours! Woo-hoo!) Much love to all of you! From Tank and Terry, too, and Sally. Polly.


  1. If Elvis was coming up on Summer break, we'd move to Central CA in a heartbeat! If the offer is still there, maybe we will consider it come June :) Not living in the same house though, we would get our own HAHA. Thanks for keeping this blog up to date. I really enjoy reading the updates.

  2. I enjoy them too and thank you for not trying to kill off the tankster with more sugar you girls! I know that with Mike I am the epitome of a good example for a diabetic, or not. I am so glad you are there and that you are taking suck good care of him and engaging him, which I think might be the best thing for him right now. He is such a cutie! I love that man. Thank you also for the taffy (once again being a tip top example for a diabetic)that was so sweet of you! And really the only good kind of mule is the one that carries drugs, the shoes are hideous for the most part. We are soooo excited about our trip there and being able to visit with Dad and Terry. We will be there the afternoon of the 17th of January so not too far away. Give Tank and Terry my love and thank you so much for keeping everyone up to date! and by the way, I think I need to get me a square necked polka dot dress, heels, and a hat, don't you?