Thursday, December 23, 2010

12/23/2010, Later

Then, we went to the house to check on Curtis's progress with the bathroom improvements. It looks great! He rented tools, and worked all day, but the glass surround is down, and a curtain is up, and two grab-bars are up. It makes the bathroom feel more spacious (it's a roomy bathroom). Kudos to Curtis. We picked up a T-shirt for Dan that Tank had been saving for him (a giveaway), hugged everyone, and went to the motel.

This morning, we happily did Tank's bidding. First, we delivered the See's chocolates to Scott at the gas station. He seems like a REALLY nice guy, and knew Tank by name, and asked if Tank was taking visitors at Bayside. It made me realize that maybe people don't know that Tank LOVES visitors. Maybe, for a while, he did not, but now he does. So, if anyone has the opportunity to visit, please do. Not that Scott reads this blog. :) I don't know Tank's room number, but anyone can help you out. As you face the building, the nursing-type care is on the left side (the north end) (that's where Tank is). Residents (who require less care) live on the right/south side of the building. For those who cannot visit, he loves getting cards and pictures. And lotto scratchers. :)

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