Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hi! Good news!

I talked to Terry, and she said that Tank is a bit stronger! Today, she watched as he worked out with a physical therapist. Terry said that Tank walked unassisted between two handrails. She also saw him get up out of a chair by himself. She is delighted with the improvement.

"He sure looks good to me!" she said.

She took him a big healthy sandwich from Subway, and she stayed and visited for a long time. She said that he has frequent visitors, and it's so good for him, because it keeps him stimulated.

She reads mail to him every day, and he's happy to hear from everyone.

She also said he's a bit more coherent. She said that he makes an occasional mistake, but she thinks it might be related to napping all the time, and waking up in a place he's not quite used to.

Radiation treatments continue.

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