Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tank passes away

Tank passed away peacefully this afternoon, with Polly by his side.
He was a father to four wonderful people... Sally, Polly, Kelly & Peggy.
Also a husband, U. S. Navy Veteran, California Longshoreman, "idea man", inventor, author, columnist, and all-around good guy.
He has 7 grandkids and 5 great-grandkids and still counting.
Tank loved talking, walking on the beach, watching movies, reading books & newspapers, writing.. but above all, laughing..
You could never talk to him without hearing that distinctive joyful laugh of his.
He often sent letters that simply said "Laugh Lots".. followed by an adorable sketch of a tank.
Tank was unfailingly generous and an immensely entertaining & joyful fellow.
I have NEVER heard him complain.. NEVER heard him utter a single word of profanity.
We should all strive to have that said about us.
He embraced the sweetness and joy of life.
Not only should you take a walk, but you should also stop to smell the flowers.. that's Tank.
I wish I could have walked on the beach with him one more time while listening to an idea he had for a movie or a book.
That I will miss.

Polly will write more here when she gets a spare minute or two.

Love to all,

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