Friday, January 21, 2011


Summary: Tank unchanged. Happy but kind of tired. Mike and Peggy there.

I just talked to Peggy. Per Tank's request, she and Mike went to Carlock's Bakery this morning and bought cookies for the nurses at Bayside. They went to Bayside next, and visited with Tank briefly before he went to Physical Therapy. After spending some time on the embarcadaro, Peggy and Mike picked up Cracker Jacks and Crunch and Munch at Albertson's, and took it to Tank (he'd requested Cracker Jacks). Funny, what sounds good to people. He had some of it, but fell asleep quickly, and Peggy and Mike didn't stay long. When I talked to her, she was at the house.

Tomorrow, the plan is to drive to Atascadaro and buy lunch at KFC (it's a hike, but the closest KFC). Tank asked Sally and me to get KFC for him, but then he changed his mind (or so we thought), so we didn't, so Peggy's cunning plan is to ensure favorite status by following through on the KFC. Later, Peggy and Mike will go to the Farmers' Market in Morro Bay.

Kelly and I leave for Morro Bay early tomorrow morning, weather permitting. Today, Sally and I went to Kohl's and bought four more outfits for Tank, including some plaid lounge pants. Adorable!

I'm always on the look-out for single-use sentences: sentences you hear or say that you haven't heard or said before, and probably will not hear or say again. I thought I'd share one here. Recently, I overheard Terry say to Sally, "Tank is very particular about the size of his turnips."

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