Thursday, January 20, 2011


Summary: Tank had physical therapy this morning, and is now home for a visit.

Peggy called a few times today, always cheerful and upbeat. First, she called from Bayside, where they were waiting for Tank to finish physical therapy. Then, she called to say that it had been very quick and easy getting him from Bayside to home, and that she was impressed with the ease in which he got in and out of the car.

When she called, Tank and Mike were in Tank's room watching "The Great Escape." :) Apparently, Mike brought a portable DVD player and hooked it up to Tank's TV. According to Peggy, it's very easy to use, so they're going to leave it there for Tank. Good news! She's going to show Tank how to use it before she leaves, and she'll also show me when I get there. I'm heading out for Best Buy in a few minutes to get "What's Up Doc?" and "The Bird Cage," if I can find them. She said he was happy and comfy, and enjoying the time at home. She was about to join Tank for the movie, and have Mike move to the kitchen, where he is going to make pineapple-upside-down cake per Tank's instructions. I could hear Terry in the background, making friendly noises.

Peggy located the Gibbs at Bayside and brought it home to charge. She had some questions about its use, and is going to try to interest Tank is learning to use it.

Later, Peggy called from Dockside because Tank sent her there for a quesadilla for lunch, and they don't have quesadillas at Dockside (not on the menu, anyway). I was not able to help, so she was going to call Tank for additional instructions.

I talked to Kelly, who (per Peggy's suggestion) is going to call Terry tonight to get details regarding some home-improvement projects he might like to work on while he's there. They need a wheelchair ramp, and maybe something else. The house is one story, and there's only a two- or three-inch step up from the front porch (which has no stairs, but is just a continuation of the driveway), but it's still tricky with a wheelchair.

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