Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1/18/2011, Later

Some of what follows might not relate DIRECTLY to Tank. :) Just a warning.

I chatted with Peggy again. Suggested she measure Tank's closet, and I can bring shelving from IKEA, and Kelly can install it (I simply assumed Kelly would be willing to install it). You know, if Terry and Tank are interested in closet shelving.

Peggy said that she, Mike, and Terry were sitting around discussing who is more attractive: Anthony Bordain or Andrew Zimmern. Tank was in his bedroom watching something on the Turner classic movie channel. He requested short ribs for dinner, and Mike is all over it (thank you, Mike).

Peggy received a photo of granddaughter Kennedy in Hawaii ("Mango on the Beach"), and she's going to forward it to me. Everyone is so scattered! Peggy suggested a Morro Bay compound where all of us can live.

However brief, it sounds like a little slice of heaven on Yerba Buena tonight.

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