Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1/19/2011, Later

Summary: Tank continues to do well. Had physical therapy today. Peggy and Mike are spending a lot of time with him.

Hi! Peggy just called. After their San Luis shopping trip, they stopped at Bayside to visit Tank. She said that he was cheerful and lucid and full of story-telling, for over an hour. Peggy reported that Tank likes Mike a LOT. :) They hatched a plan for Tank to come home for a day-visit tomorrow. They'll pick him up at about 10, and spend the day at home, returning to Bayside after dinner (I think). They'll go to Spencer's to get ingredients for whatever Tank's in the mood for.

Peggy mentioned that she loves the staff at Bayside...that all the nurses are terrific. Tank has a new roommate who lacks Father Dino's myriad charms; Peggy reported that the roommate is going home on Saturday.

Peggy was fairly certain that Tank had physical therapy this morning.

I'm glad Mike and Peggy are there.

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