Saturday, January 15, 2011



Summary: Tank to have surgery on Monday to remove metal plates. Terry doesn't seem too worried.

I didn't talk to Terry yet, but Terry called Peggy, and Peggy relayed some information. Tank is having surgery Monday to remove the metal plates that doctors inserted during the brain surgery of a month or so ago. I wasn't aware of the metal plates. He'll spend the night at the hospital before returning to Bayside. Terry didn't seem too worried about it. Maybe the plates are near the surface.

Peggy and Mike will arrive Monday. They changed their plans and decided to stay at Terry and Tank's rather than at a motel. I think they made the change so they can maximize the help they can be to Tank. If he's feeling up to it, maybe he can come home for an evening (or even overnight), because Mike will be there to help him. Mike, fyi, is big and strong, and willing to serve as needed. Fun, huh. I hope it all works out. Both Peggy and Mike are eager to cook for Tank. Well, Mike actually said he was eager, but I'm sure Peggy is eager also.

Terry didn't mention Tank's current state to Peggy. I'll try calling tonight. I hope he's feeling stronger, and less tired.

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