Sunday, January 23, 2011


Summary: Tank seems tired. Watching football with Kelly and Terry right now, at Bayside.

Hi! Saturday, Peggy, Mike, Terry, and Tank enjoyed a KFC picnic on the front porch of Bayside. Peg said Tank ate some, but not lots. It was fun, she said.

Kelly and I had a great and easy trip, arriving at 7 p.m. Peggy, Mike, and Terry were just getting home from dinner (The Whale's Tail). It was wonderful seeing them...really great. The five of us sat around in the living room chatting. I will admit to being a bit confused about things at this point...things like Tank's home visits and Tank's diet and Tank's treatment plan. Maybe it'll all become clear later.

I'm at Burger King, alone.

This morning, Peggy and Mike showed up at the house, and the five of us went to Dorn's for breakfast. Great view, great food. Terry ordered corned-beef hash, well-done hash browns, eggs over easy, and rye toast for Tank, to go. At Bayside, Tank was happy to see us. He'd just had physical therapy, and was in his wheelchair, dressed in sweatpants, a T-shirt, and shoes and socks. Looked very cute. (Later, I mentioned Tank's new "outfits," and Kelly said not to use the word "outfits" to refer to men's clothing. :) Men probably also prefer being called something other than "very cute.")

A physical therapist, Helen, came in to talk to the group about Tank (specifically, about home visits). Despite her discouragement (I THINK it was discouragement), Terry's plan was to take Tank home for lunch and to watch a football game. However, he seemed too tired for that, and we adjusted. Also, Tank suddenly seemed very cold, and needed a blanket. He was shaking. Kelly stayed there with Tank, while Terry and I took Peggy and Mike to the airport in San Luis Obispo. It was hard to see them go...they're wonderful. Terry clearly adores Mike and declared him to be without flaw. :) She and I drove back to Bayside.

Helen mentioned that physical therapy is going to change for Tank. I think it's going to be less...intense. He'll work with a nursing assistant six days a week, there at Bayside. Work on getting from a sitting position to a standing position, and back again. Work on standing, and taking that first step. I could be wrong, but I got the impression it might be longer therapy, but not as physically demanding, because of his lack of strength. She stressed that physical therapy is the most important thing right now.

Kelly and Tank were watching the game when we returned from the airport, and Tank seemed happy, but very tired, almost like it was an ordeal for him. Terry and I left again to get lunch at Fosters' Freeze, 'cause not much sounded good to Tank, who recently lost another 3 lbs. Terry offered a chocolate shake, and Tank agreed, so we got that and a hot dog. He ate the hot dog right away, and was working on the shake when I left to come to Burger King. Earlier, he seemed to be excited about his breakfast, but he didn't really eat much of it. That's typical: He asks for something, is excited to get it, starts with relish, and peters out after a few bites and only a couple hundred calories.

It's a gorgeous day here. Maybe 60. Just perfect weather. I can feel the sun on my shoulder right now, and the view of the ocean is breathtaking.

Tank asked for more scrathers, so I'll get them at Bottle Liquor when I return to Bayside. A nice man named Jay came by Tank's room, and hung out for a few minutes. He's a Bayside employee training to be a physical therapist, and he's developed a friendship with Tank, based on a shared interest in football. Jay is cute and bald and maybe in his 30s.

Sally: That regular guy at Burger King is here, chatting with another man, and failing to use his indoor voice.

I don't know what the plans are for tonight. Tomorrow, we'll take Tank to an appointment with the oncologist. It's a "car visit," meaning that we wait in the parking lot until the doctor comes out, checks Tank, and talks about future treatment. Handy, I guess, but Terry says the parking-lot wait is usually an hour, which seems unreasonable. I think Kelly will go; Terry said that I must go, and that sounds good to me.

All of this, needless to say, and not at all surprising, is very difficult for Terry, and she seems close to breaking. She made me and Kelly feel very welcome last night. I'm sleeping in her room, which is very comfy and dark, and I love it.

Terry's daughter Catherine will be here in about a week, and stay for three or four days. I'm not aware of any other visits by family or friends after that.

Dan texted me that the Packers won, but Tank wanted the Bears to win, so I'm devastated. :) One pleasant thing is that Tank does not have a roommate today, so there's more room and less noise in the room. One appreciates small blessings (and big blessings, too).

Peggy and Mike were able to help Terry with a mouse problemo at the house. Tank wants to watch "The Expendables," so I'll be looking for that movie. Kelly brought a dozen power tools, and--I'm sure--will make good use of them.

Much love to all...

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