Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Summary: Tank is back at Bayside, and doing very well. More energy.

Hi! I talked to Peggy this morning. She and Mike were running an errand for Tank: delivering a bunch of bananas to the community center where Terry works out. Peggy said that Tank really enjoyed his home-visit last night, and went cheerfully back to Bayside after NCIS. Good news! Peggy said they visited this morning, found him asleep, woke him, and handed him a cranberry muffin from Spencer's. He was delighted. :) He had so much energy that they chatted for TWO HOURS! Unimaginable! Such good news. She said he was happy and with-it and tons of fun. After their banana delivery, Peggy and Mike were going shopping in San Luis, and then returning to Bayside. Peggy was very upbeat and enthusiastic.

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