Sunday, September 25, 2011

25 September 2011

Hi there!

Yesterday morning, Peggy and I went to Dorn's for breakfast, and the food was delicious, and the service was topnotch. The waitresses at Dorn's are efficient, friendly, and GORGEOUS, in their black pants and white shirts. I always want to compliment their teeth.

The very last time Tank went to a restaurant, it was Dorn's.

After breakfast, we went to the embarcadero (just one store) so Peggy could buy a few last-minute items, mostly gifts, including a beautiful bracelet for ME! Such a sweetheart! We drove to Terry's house, but she still wasn't there, so we took some pictures in the front yard. Then, we drove to downtown Morro Bay and walked up and down a few streets, checking out some of the shops that I'd only seen from a moving car. We went to a vintage/antique/consignment shop, and I found something to buy! It was regularly $9, on sale for $5, and it's a small end table (I think), or maybe a plant stand. Stained wood, with two little shelves for books or a layabout. Some delamination on top, but I can ignore it or repair it. I'm so glad I found it!

Right away, Peggy found something VERY cute also. It's a bright-red felt hat in a Queen-Mum style that I'm CERTAIN she can sex-up adequately. It, too, was quite a bargain. We looked around a lot, but didn't find anything else (as I recall). You know that butterfly-themed tray-and-coaster set that Nola received as a wedding gift? We found one just like it!

Peggy bought some very cool stuff at another bead store, and then we went to a few more vintage/antique stores, but didn't buy anything. We drove to the avocado orchard, where we bought Haas avocados, because that's the only type they had, which surprised us. to buy California avocados in California.

At 1:04 p.m., we hit the road. (In case I haven't mentioned it, Peggy was wearing a belted black-and-white polka-dot shirt dress and black ballet flats. She looked like a young Lucille Ball.) We talked and drove, stopping for gas in Boron, but I think that was the only stop. Oh! Before we left town, we had one last Morro Bay meal at Bayside restaurant. We shared fish and chips, and each had diet Cokes and side salads. Tasty. They recognized us from the day before.

The day started off overcast, but by lunch time it was almost clear. We enjoyed the view of the bay and the marsh from Bayside.

Peggy and I shared the driving, and she pulled into Las Vegas at 8 p.m. (after we picked up dinner at In-N-Out, which is very near the motel). That I-15 Motel 6 is kind of scary, and we didn't leave much in the car overnight (I took Tank's mattress-cover shirt in with me) (we risked leaving the unripened avocados in the car). Peggy is a good sleeper, and I am not, so I lay there most of the night, wishing we had more than six TV channels from which to choose.

Peggy was up at 5:00, grooming, and I got up at 5:55, and we left at 6:00. Once again, we were very efficient, and stopped once for a McDonald's drive-up window in Mesquite and once for gas in Nephi, and the trip took a mere six hours (one saves time by not stopping at Cove Fort for a tour). We reached that point in our trip when we'd run out of conversational topics and were feeling mildly annoyed with each other, so we didn't talk nonstop, or about anything important. It's that inevitable rundown to the trip's end, and the resumption of normal life. I like normal life, and so does Peggy, and I think we were both eager to resume. In Sandy, Peggy drove off in her Jeep, I embraced hearth and home for ten minutes, and Dan and I went to La Puente for lunch.

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