Saturday, September 24, 2011

24 September 2011

Hi there! We were in the motel lobby anyway, so I paid the three bucks, so I can continue to communicate compulsively. I just showered, and Peggy is walking on the beach. She looked darling when she left here, in black bike shorts, a grey hoodie, tennis shoes, and an iPod. Or maybe it was her phone. Talk about communicating compulsively...

The day is overcast, and beautiful, and we can hear bird sounds from in here.

Last night, we drove to Terry's, but she wasn't home. We went in, and not much had changed. It was immaculate...not even a water-glass on the sink. I bet she's out of town. I mention that without fear for her safety, or the safety of her possessions, because her house is surrounded by neighbors who are clearly keeping on eye on things. While we were there, the Vietnam vet who lives next door made a point of being in the front yard, and looking our way, and waving, and maybe jotting down my license-plate number.

It was fun being in the house, especially alone (I mean...with Peggy). Terry has had Tank's study repainted white, and it looks good. It was brown paneling, and now it's white paneling, and it looks cheerful and clean and much larger. Tank's desk is gone, replaced by another desk, which is big and attractive and looks slightly used. Sturdy wooden thing. She also repositioned the desk so it is now against the utility-room wall, which looks good. It has HER stuff on it, but it certainly didn't feel unfriendly or anything (not to me, anyway). That little card-playing table is still there under the window. I thought she'd add more blinds or curtains to the house, for privacy, but she has not. She replaced the two TV-watching chairs with matching nubby brown easy-chairs...slightly smaller chairs than would have been desirable with Tank living there. But attractive. Also, you know how he had the huge TV on a huge desk? She replaced that desk with a table. Also, you know that bookcase that was right there at the entrance to Tank's study? It's now where his desk used to be...between her desk and his chair. I'm including this info for Sally, 'cause no one else is likely to care. :) It looks good. Easier to maneuver in there. They would have been good changes to make while he was ill. The art on the walls is the same, in that room. It's more sparse, and more like Terry, but not radically changed.

Peggy just came home, and said that she left some of Tank's ashes at the beach! Cool! What a good girl. :)

Oh...while we were at the house, I grabbed the off-white shirt that Nola made for Tank (out of CW mattress covers, I think) that Terry found after Tank died. Terry told me about it, and said that it was hanging in his closet, waiting for us to pick it up. :) Thoughtful of her. :) It was the only thing hanging there. It's good to have it.

There are minor changes in the rest of the house, too. That picture of Tank's (flowers on the metal chair) is now at Sally's house, and Terry replaced it with a picture of an Asian man stooping down something. It's white and light blue and fairly large, and it looks good in that position. If you know the house well, you notice it right away, and you aren't surprised that Terry chose THAT picture. The rest of the furniture is the same. There are lots of snapshots of Tank in the bedrooms, and his bedroom seems unchanged, including some medical stuff in the closet. I was taken aback, really, by how unchanged it all was. The snapshots on her little desk in the living room (Chuck R., the Lay grandkids) are identical. The kitchen seems less cluttered, but not different really, except for a cute wooden layabout on top of the fridge that I really liked. I opened a cupboard, and it seemed like she'd done some neatening. That sounds intrusive, but it didn't feel so at the time. I don't know her plans for the future, but NOTHING indicates that this is the house of someone who is planning to move soon.

Then Peggy and I drove to Dockside for dinner. There was a lot of harbor action as the boats came in, and we were sitting by the window, and it was a lot of fun. There was an 8- or 9-year-old boy helping his dad after a day of fishing, and they both seemed to be having a good time, and they reminded me of dads and sons I've known over the years. Peggy and I shared a platter of grilled seafood, which was delicious, and served with au gratin potatoes. It's a pleasure sharing meals with her, 'cause we don't get overfull. We shared a cup of shrimp bisque and a side salad, also. Tasty! As I recall, Peggy took a photo of the bisque. :)

We don't linger and talk over meals, since we're going to continue to be together AFTER the meal. Dan and I are like that, too.

We came home, and hung out in the room. The neighbors were both noisy AND intimate. Gross. We didn't watch TV, but just talked and laughed until Peggy fell asleep. Earlier, I walked barefoot and PJ'd to the candy machines and got Paydays for both of us, and cookies for first-breakfast.

I forgot to mention that Kelly called the other night, on Nola's birthday. That was a pleasure.

Also, I noticed just now that these posts indicate that Tank wrote them. I hope that isn't confusing to anyone.

We WERE going to hit the Farmers' Market this afternoon in MB, but it would put us on the road for several hours after dark, and I'm uncomfortable with that, so Peggy agreed to skip the market, and head out at about 1. This morning, we're going to Dorn's for breakfast (to share eggs Benedict with crab cakes), then a little shopping downtown, then the avocado stand where I plan to buy large quantities of unripened avocados, and then home. We'll stay in Vegas tonight, and be home midday tomorrow. I miss my family and my clowder. Or glaring. :)

Much love... Polly.

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