Monday, November 29, 2010


I just talked to Tank's wife, and she said that he has changed very little since we spoke last.

Apparently, though, there's been a change of plans regarding the transitional facility. The facility cannot take him; she said the reason is complicated and related to the radiation treatment. So, when he leaves the hospital, he's going home. She doesn't know when that will be (but before the round of radiation treatments is completed). She's making preparations: getting a hospital bed (which she plans to put where the kitchen table usually sits), and arranging for a van to pick him up and take him to the hospital for radiation. She'll sleep on the couch, so she'll be nearby. A buddy told her that it's important to keep Tank right in the middle of the action. She'll cook for him. :)

Today, he had his normal radiation, and an MRI of his spine. They found "nothing unusual." Good news!

She said that sometimes he's coherent, and sometimes not.

She loves receiving encouraging notes in the mail. I imagine they both do. Please call me if you need their home address.

She seems tired, but devoted.

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